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5 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Considering that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and that it has to be a clean and safe place,
turning it into an Eco-friendly area is a great idea that will not only reduce your household costs but it will also keep you healthier. Here are 5 ideas to turn your kitchen into an Eco-friendly one.

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Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Everyone appreciates a spicy and tasty food, seasoned with the most flavored herbs and the best option is to use fresh herbs right out of the pots, so having a herb garden in your kitchen can be a trick to make your food tastier. Here are some ideas of kitchen herb gardens that will not only assure you have your favorite herbs within reach but will also decorate your kitchen in a delicate way.

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How to Remove Limescale from Your Kitchen Sink

Limescale can show on your kitchen sink, faucets and pipes and it’s the result of hard water. Aside from having an unpleasant appearance, limescale can damage your appliances and kitchen fixtures in the long term, on to the point where you have to replace your kitchen fixtures completely. To remove limescale from your kitchen sink, there are some measures you can take.

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