Adorable Retro Appliances

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Nowadays, appliances are a must. On the market, you can find a wide range of appliances in different shapes and colors, in order to satisfy any customer. In case your home decor is sophisticated, then you definitely need to choose appliances that perfectly match your decor. If you choose a retro decor, then here are some adorable retro appliances which will look absolutely great in your house.

Smeg 2 slice toaster

Smeg 2 slice toaster Img

This Smeg 2 Slice Toaster with the energy efficient design is fun to use. Designed in Italy, it has quality functional characteristics with a gorgeous vintage design that combines high technology with style. You can find it in a range of colors, in order to perfectly fit into your kitchen decor.

Big Chill stove

Big Chill stove Img

If you like to cook, you will definitely love Big Chill’s 36-inch stove which works as good as it looks.
It also has the largest oven capacity on a 36-inch stove. The stove’s functions are modern and the chrome trim and the handle give a vintage look. For those who love to bake, the oven will certainly accommodate a commercial size baking sheet. Having this adorable retro appliance in your kitchen, you will definitely cook like a professional, and it will completely change the look of your interior. It is indeed an adorable retro appliance.

Smeg refrigerator

Smeg refrigerator Img

The Italian-designed refrigerator has been made with three things in mind: know-how, style, and creativity while keeping an inventive uniqueness, elegance, and quality. Created in the style of ‘50s appliances, this Smeg refrigerator is definitely a top performer and it looks absolutely cool. It is available in the profile shops, in every color in order to match your kitchen decor. This colorful vintage fridge will certainly make your kitchen the envy of everyone. Definitely go and get one!

Big Chill microwave

Big Chill microwave Img

Nowadays, a kitchen is not complete without a microwave. But what can you do if your kitchen is decorated in a retro style? Will you find a retro microwave in order to fit perfectly into your kitchen decor? The answer is yes. And the best choice is the Big Chill microwave. This retro microwave will definitely make your kitchen unique and a lot more cool. Its multiple settings will allow you to heat a range of dishes. Unlike other retro microwaves available on the market, this beautiful retro microwave comes in eight standard colors to best match your kitchen.