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Chronic Dehydration Treatment – Take It Up Before Diabetes Kicks In

We know very well that water must not miss from our daily meals. Although knowing the huge importance of hydration of our bodies, we don’t drink enough quantity of water every day. More, we prefer drinking soda (and acid) drinks that harm our organs badly and produce a big deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. Our immune system is using all of its powers to keep up our energy and healthiness, but at some point, it can collapse. Then, it’s too late maybe to start doing everything it takes to repair damages that have already been done.
Unfortunately, these days chronic dehydration is more common than any other affection. Stop torturing your body with all that junk food and drinks before being forced to deal with diabetes.

Water keeps us younger and healthier

Especially at young ages, dehydration produces big damages to health for a whole lifetime. If you won’t protect your own body, then who else will?
Fatigue and low-energy are the first signs of chronic dehydration. In the lack of water, your histamine levels increase, releasing cortisol which is the stress hormone that can punch really hard your immune system. The weakness of the immune system leads to developing a lot of illnesses, like diabetes, allergies or slow metabolism. After a long and stressful day at the job or at school, and after finishing the homework or other home activities, go to bed and take a good long nap.

Proper hydration

Be very careful with what you eat and what liquids you drink. Overeating and the lack of water in your body can easily lead to obesity and diabetes. Taking into consideration a lot of circumstances, we can survive more without eating than without drinking. Without a proper amount of water, our brain functioning reduces by not being able to satisfy its hydro-electrical needs.
By drinking plenty of water, you will obtain a better digestion and toxins release, boosting up your energy and good mood. Water’s quality though can be doubtful if it comes from your public network supply. Considering the big amount of chlorine that it’s added to the tap water in order to be drinkable, you might choose a method to improve the quality of your drinking and bathing water. Depending on your household size and other activities that require the use of water, you can decide to install at home a whole house water filter. This system is capable of giving you clear water, without sediments found in your old and rusty pipes. The quality of water improves by far, leaving you without the bad smell and taste of the chlorinated water flowing from your faucets.

Diabetes connections

Latest studies have confirmed the fact that dehydration leads to chronic hyperglycemia and eventually diabetes. If the blood’s glucose is higher than it should, the kidneys tend to remove the excess of sugar from the blood and transfer it to the urine. While water is needed in the production of urine, in case of a dehydrated body, the required water is stolen from saliva or from the one that is stored in the blood cells. This is the reason why diabetic people experience frequent urination needs.
Water consumption helps the pancreas produce a proper amount of insulin that regulates the level of blood sugar. Along with helping the glucose level in your blood cells, staying hydrated is also beneficial in helping your body properly distribute nutrients and regulate body temperature. A proper hydration leads to an improved performance of mental tasks and even blood pressure.
It’s recommended to drink at least 10 cups of water per day in order to satisfy all your body needs.

Dehydration symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you might suffer from severe dehydration. In the lack of water, your mouth can develop bacteria and microbes leading to a bad breath. Muscle cramps can be one of the effects of dehydration but it’s not a rule. For example, if you’re exercising and also it’s a hot temperature, these manifestations are normal. But keep in mind that it’s important to drink plenty of water during summertime to stay well hydrated.
Many people think that dehydration leads to excessive sweating, but going through all stages of the dehydration process, your skin gets very dry. Chronic dehydration triggers often headaches. You may have heard people telling you many times to drink a glass of cold water when you’re experiencing migraines in order to ease your pain.
Fever and chills can represent a very common manifestation of chronic dehydration. The higher the fever becomes, the higher level of dehydration you experience. And chills represent the way that your immune system tries to stand up to the high temperature of your body.
In case of a worse stage of dehydration, you can struggle with a lot of bad and dangerous symptoms and manifests such as confusion, sunken eyes, rapid heartbeats, lack of tears, very little urination, low blood pressure and even delirium.

Tips for staying hydrated

Here are some ideas that might help you in case you’re not very into drinking a lot of water:

  • make your own healthy smoothies;
  • try drinking hot or cold tea;
  • spice up the taste of water with fruit juices;
  • eat many fruits and vegetables;
  • try sipping more water during meals

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