Basic Rules of Italian Cuisine

How do you know the basic rules of Italian cuisine if you are not an Italian or if you haven’t even spend time there? In case you want to think like an Italian chef, practice these simple Italian cooking tips and you won’t go wrong.

Basic Rules of Italian Cuisine Img

Use only fresh ingredients

When cooking,you must use only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Everything is a lot easier when the ingredients you use, taste good. You will find fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in farm markets. This way, you will get fresh ingredients and you will also support local farmers. Research suggests that by eating Italian, you will keep under control the blood-glucose levels and you will also have a reduced risk of depression.

Create a harmonious combination of ingredients

When cooking an Italian dish, you must play with the ingredients and create a beautiful combination. For example, Italians think that you should never put cheese on pasta allevongole.

Important ingredients

1.Cheese is a very important ingredient in the Italian cuisine. Find out the names of the important Italian cheeses and how to buy them. 2.Beans are an essential and healthy ingredient which is often found in Italian cuisine. 3.An Italian cook will always use tomatoes to create his dishes. In order to cook like one, add fresh tomatoes to your salads, soups or pasta dishes, or you can even learn how to make your own tomato sauce. 4.Garlic, whole grains, nuts and seafood are other ingredients that are being used in the Italian cuisine. 5.Cook like an Italian by dressing your salad greens with a bit of extra-virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. You can also use olive oil to sauté fresh vegetables and even in place of butter when baking. Definitely, olive oil is a must in the Italian cuisine.

Improvise from time to time

You don’t have to follow the recipe. Most Italian cooks use to prepare dishes from memory, only by changing quantities and procedures from time to time. This way, the taste will be slightly different each time.

Season your dishes and enjoy your meal

1.Definitely taste as you cook. No one else but you knows how spicy or salty you like the food. Season while you cook and adjust the seasonings right before serving. 2.Lots of Italian recipes begin by sautéing onions and other vegetables in olive oil. 3.Definitely enjoy a good meal and an Italian wine with your family and friends.