Best Rated Dishwasher Brands

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Washing the dishes is something everybody hates and no one likes to get up from the table and start cleaning tons of dirty plates and pots. This is why the dishwashers are starting to gain more and more popularity as they take this chore away, allowing you to relax instead of doing the dishes after supper. Besides, the dishwasher is more water-saving than the regular handwashing, it is safer and more hygienic and is efficient in removing even the thickest grease. Therefore, you should put the sponge aside and enjoy this article on the best rated dishwasher brands so that you will know which model is the best for your kitchen.

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Bosch has always surprised their customers with a wide range of efficient, elegant and convenient appliances and the dishwashers they offer are one of the best available on the market. The Bosch 500 Series dishwasher may be an expensive model, but the high $949 price is well-justified by the impressive features. At first glance, this dishwasher amazes with its sleek design that matches any kitchen interior. The stainless steel finish makes a clean appearance while the fully integrated hidden control panel only reveals when the door is open, meaning there will be no unintended button pushes. Another great convenience feature is that the door stays firm no matter how wide you open it and it will automatically close it you keep it anywhere under a 20 degrees opening angle. As for the operating, there is nothing to complain about this silent dishwasher with a high-temperature washing cycle, variable cycles and a triple filtration system that eliminates the need for pre-rinsing.

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The engineers at GE are constantly improving their appliances with state-of-the-art technologies that turn them into essential aids around any household. Therefore, a GE dishwasher like the GE Profile PDT750SSFSS will definitely become a star in your kitchen once you discover its convenience. The multiple washing cycles plus the drying options, including Eco-friendly ones, make this dishwasher a real money-saver, although the listing price of $2000 may be a little too high. However, the quality of the details in the design, the high performance and the load capacity that can hold many dishes promote this GE dishwasher as one of the best-rated models. You will appreciate the delay start feature, the soil sensor that detects how dirty your plates are, the adjustable racks, the hidden controls and the child lock.

If you want to compare the best Bosch and GE dishwashers in order to find the right machine for your needs, we invite you to visit the website. On that site, you will find various reviews of numerous dishwashers. Consider the capacity and the features that you want your future dishwasher to have and find a unit that satisfies your needs.