Best Water Filters that You Can Install on the Kitchen Sink

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Whole house water filters are the most advantageous type of filter because they can handle multiple water sources. The top picks of will convince you of the utility of installing a whole house water filter that handles all the water flowing through the pipes in your house without the need of separate filters but with the same satisfying results in removing water contaminants. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of water filtration systems, but you don’t have the budget to install a whole house water filter, we suggest opting for a simple water filter that is installed on the faucet, under the sink and even a counter top water filter. In this article, you’ll discover the advantages of these efficient and practical water filtration systems.


Under-the-counter water filter system

Under-the-counter water filter system Img

Most under-the-counter water filters can remove use reverse osmosis (RO) to remove up to 50 contaminants from drinking water. All users agree that this is the most efficient water filtration system that you can install on the kitchen sink. A great example is the Pelican Pro 6-Stage RO system, which includes six stages for cleaning and improving the taste and smell of drinking water. You’ll have to install this water filter under the counter but rest assured knowing that you’ll receive all the components needed to install it yourself. If you are not too handy, ask the help of a professional. This compact under-the-counter water filter weights almost 8 pounds and has the following measurements: 12 inches wide, 4.75 inches deep and 14.5 inches long. Filters need to be replaced every 6 or 10 months, otherwise, you might end up with a clogged water filter.


Countertop Water Filtration System

Countertop Water Filtration System Img

The main difference between a countertop water filtration system and a faucet-mount filter is strictly related to the installation process. While faucet-mount filteres are added to the sink faucets, countertop filters are only connected to the faucet via a small valve. We suggest opting for a countertop water filter that has the ability to filter fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that are found in drinking water. The best solution is the Home Master Jr. F2, that filters all the chemicals mentioned earlier while ensuring that the minerals that are beneficial for your health are not entirely filtered. Try to replace the filters every 500 gallons(this is the equivalent of almost 3 months). Compared to faucet-mount filters, countertop water filters can improve both the taste and smell of drinking water.


Faucet-mount filters

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Faucet-mount filters are the best solution for cleaning water when you are living on a low budget. This inexpensive water filter is mounted directly on the kitchen faucet, providing filtered water whenever you choose to. You can quickly switch from unfiltered to filtered water in just seconds. One of the most popular faucet-mount filter is the Culligan Faucet Filter FM-15A. This small filter is efficient at removing pollutants, bacteria and chemicals from water. According to customer reports, this filter is very easy to set up. If you can’t find the right adapter at first, try looking for one at your local hardware store. The Culligan faucet filter comes with a minor drawback. Some users complain that the filter has a slow flow, but if you come to think of it, most faucet-mount filters have a very slow water flow. This can also be the result of clogged filters, so be sure to change them periodically.