Chic Kitchen Curtain Ideas

The kitchen may be the area of the house where you only cook and eat with your family, but this doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the decorating part. Once you have chosen the decorating style, the matching furniture and appliances, you have to choose the finishing touches that will add personality and charm to your kitchen. The curtains designed to complete and beautify a room and they can have the same effect in a kitchen, so you should carefully choose the model. Here are some ideas of chic kitchen curtains that will help you transform your kitchen into a gorgeous place.

Keep the kitchen curtains in a good shape with a clothes steamer

Regardless the curtain model you choose, make sure you take care of them properly in order to keep them in a good shape. Considering that the kitchen curtains will be exposed to plenty of smoke, steam, and food odors, wash them regularly or use a clothes steamer to remove the dirt and the odors from the fibers. The clothes steamer is perfect for ironing and refreshing any type of fabrics, from thick one to delicate laces, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your curtains.

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  • These curtains are perfect for the kitchen because they are decorated with tiny apples and have plaid details that perfectly match the tiles. Besides, being short versions that only decorate the window without cluttering the space makes them a great choice for small kitchens that can’t handle large curtains. Match them to the tablecloth and the seat cushions if you want to obtain a cute and neat kitchen design.

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  • If you prefer the shabby chic style, the white curtains decorated with delicate pink roses are a perfect choice. You can’t go wrong with some shabby chic curtains in an all-white kitchen and there are plenty of prints you can choose from.

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  • For kitchens with dining areas and wide windows that let the sunlight in, the short curtains are also a good choice and although you may think that they don’t fit in properly, you will be surprised to see how lovely your kitchen will look with a set of asymmetrical curtains with a floral print. Opt for large wooden rails and complete the picture with white shades that are very practical when you want to keep the light out.

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  • Opt for a French country version if you have a kitchen decorated in a simple style that doesn’t match fancy fabrics and designs. This plaid curtains with a ruffle along the rails are very versatile because you can choose from a variety of colors and lengths.