Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you want the Christmas spirit to get into your house, you must not forget to decorate your kitchen with thematic items. Besides the smell of Christmas foods and sweets, bring small lights, statuettes, Christmas trees and globes into your kitchen and create beautiful decorations that will remind you it is the most magical time of the year. For those of you who lack imagination and inspiration, here are some of the most beautiful and soothing Christmas kitchen décor ideas.

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  • The kitchen table can become the centerpiece of the room if you place some imposing decorations on it, instead of spreading small items through the entire kitchen. This classic kitchen features hardwood furniture and a large table, above which stands a rough iron chandelier and these two items were particularly decorated. The chandelier was covered in a garland with Christmas globes while the table was decorated with two candy holders and a large Santa statue with a cooking apron. A large garland above the kitchen door and the Christmas décor is complete.


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  • If you own a white kitchen, you are a lucky person who doesn’t need too many Christmas themed decorations. With some red details, you can create the famous combination of colors that reminds every one of the chubby old man dressed in red. Place some fir tree garlands on top of the furniture and apply red snowflakes on the furniture, some miniature Christmas trees on the kitchen counter and your kitchen will look like it belongs to Mrs. Santa Claus.

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  • For kitchens with a dining area, you can focus on the dining table and decorate it is a special Christmas way. You have two options for decorating the Christmas table, depending on the rest of the décor and your personal tastes. You can opt for a printed tablecloth with matching napkins and small figurines near the plates, or you can go for clean and simple lines that are more suitable for a modern décor. Opt for red accents, create combinations of red and white and limit the decorations to small red candles or candy canes.

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  • If you have friends and family coming over for Christmas, use the kitchen counter to arrange a buffet with Christmas specialties like hot wine with cinnamon, gingerbread, marshmallows and pudding. Display the cups and plates on a red and white background and decorate with small figurines, snowflakes or tree globes, and even Santa will be tempted to come and taste your delicious treats.

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