Clever Tips for Cleaning the Kitchen

A clean home is a safe home for every household member. Unfortunately, the kitchen is the room that gets dirty the fastest. To clean it up takes time, and it’s a real effort if you don’t know some tricks to get everything shining clean easily.

Cleaning the microwave Img

Cleaning the microwave

Grime builds up in the microwave after being used intensively, and it’s tough to clean the microwave without softening the grime. The quickest way to make it come off quickly is to place some wet towels in the microwave, and let it run at the maximum temperature for 5 minutes. The towels will produce heat, and the vapors will loosen the grime up. After this is done, you use a clean towel and the cleaning solution you prefer, and finish the job.

Wash,The,Floor,Mop.,The,Concept,Of,Cleaning. Img

Keeping the floor spotless

These days, cleaning the floor by yourself is nothing more than a memory, because you can have robots do the job in your place, while you sit back, drinking your coffee, and admiring them clean. The robot vacuum does exactly what the name says, vacuuming for you. It’s small, efficient, and stylish, being a must have cleaning gadget in every modern household. To complete the floor cleaning team, buy a robot mop to shin the floor for you. This way, by having the robot vacuum and robot mop combo, you certainly won’t need to put any effort in keeping the floors clean and shining at all times ever again.

Clean the blender easily Img

Clean the blender easily

The blender is very hard to clean if you don’t do it immediately after every use. A creative and efficient way to clean the blender after using it is to put some water in it, with a little dish soap. After pouring them inside, set the blender for 20-25 seconds, and at the end you will find that the appliance has been cleaned perfectly.

Deodorizing the microwave and the refrigerator Img

Deodorizing the microwave and the refrigerator

To get rid of those awful smells from the microwave and the refrigerator, you can actually use the same citric fruit, the lemon. When you want to use it for the refrigerator smells, put in a bowl a cup of lemon juice and a little water, dip the cleaning cloth or towel in it, and start scrubbing the whole inside of the refrigerator with it. For the microwave, pour half a cup of lemon juice and a cup of water in a bowl, and let it in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Lemon is very efficient at eliminating odors due to its potent and pleasant smell, therefore don’t be afraid to use it in any situation in which you need to deodorize an appliance or a surface.