How to Cool Your Kitchen in the Summer

Cooking when it’s hot outside can be a real torture, especially if you have a small kitchen. To be able to resist the heat in the kitchen during summer, you need to find ways to stay cool. To find out some methods to do this, read the following lines.

Tower fans Img

Tower fans

Tower fans are a great device to use for cooling off. They don’t consume as much energy as the air conditioner, and they aren’t as aggressive with blowing the air either.
A great tower fan to use during the summer in your kitchen is the Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan with Internal Oscillation. This model has the part that oscillates inside it, therefore it doesn’t need for the entire tower fan to turn from one side to the other like most models do. It’s very quiet, it has a sleek and interesting design, and it does a great job at cooling the area it’s placed it. In addition, the Miallegro 1760 has the ionizer feature, purifying the air when it runs as well, coming in handy in a room like the kitchen.

microwave Img

Use the microwave more often

Instead of using the stove or the oven every time you want to heat your food, use the microwave, because it doesn’t heat up the whole place like the other appliances do.
The microwave is the better choice due to the fact that it only heats the food, not the air in the room. In addition, it’s energy efficient, being a great choice if you want to live “green” and protect the plant, and your money as well.

pressure cooker Img

Use a pressure cooker

When you need to cook certain foods you should use the pressure cooker, rather than any other type of appliance, because it cooks faster and it emits a lot less heat.
For example, if you need to cook grains or beans, instead of losing a lot of time cooking them in a normal pot, use the pressure cooker and you’ll be done with them much faster.

Cook light foods Img

Cook light foods

The best way to keep your kitchen cool during the hot summer days is to avoid preparing meals that need to be boiled or cooked, like salads, raw dishes, or cold soups.
They are a great option not only because you won’t sweat while preparing them, but they are filled with vitamins that are necessary for our bodies, and in the summer it’s better to eat cold foods anyway to keep your body temperature at a normal level.