How to Heat a Drafty Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen warm is very important, regardless of season but taking care of the overall health of you and your family is a crucial thing to do. In a drafty kitchen, there are currents of cool air making you feel cold and uncomfortable all of the time. Besides, in an enclosed space, viruses and bacteria are more prone to develop so it’s necessary to take extra measures. In this article, we will teach you how to heat a drafty kitchen in a more efficient and safe way.


Electric floor heat

Electric floor heat Img

The electric floor heat is a popular heating method in many Asian countries all around the globe and it has soon become very popular in the US. There are many companies who are designing heating systems to work between carpet and laminate and not just under tile. You can also choose between two types of systems: “mat” systems, which has wires arranged inside a fabric mat and “loose wires” that are placed across the kitchen floor.


Electric toe-kick heaters

Electric toe-kick heaters Img

The main advantage of installing electric toe-kick heaters in your kitchen is the fact that they blend in with the decor. These small heaters can go almost unnoticeable and you can choose to install them into the hollow spaces under the kitchen cabinets. If you complain about having cold feet all the time, this is a great solution. You’ll only have to use a thermostat or a switch to power these heaters and wait for the results to show up.


Radiant ceiling panels

Radiant ceiling panels Img

This type of heating is totally different than the previous heating methods. As the title says it, ceiling panels are specially designed to heat the room from above. The panels mounted on the ceilings are light and thin (almost one inch) and are very easy to install. Furthermore, you can choose to install panels on a specific area so that you create a “spot heat” that will heat the people standing in that portion of space.


Infrared heater

Infrared heater Img

An efficient way to heat a drafty space is to use infrared heating system. A drafty kitchen can also deal with moisture problems and in this case an infrared heater is the most suitable solution for getting rid of mold. Compared to conventional heating, infrared heaters do not heat the atmosphere. Instead, they heat solid objects found within their range. This way, you can prevent condensation or mold growth in your kitchen. The best choice for drafty kitchens is the ceramic infrared heater because it uses the infrared radiation to heat the surrounding area. If you are interested in buying an infrared heater, stop by the website first. There, you will discover a lot of helpful infrared heater reviews that will help you narrow down your choices and choose the heater that will bring you the most benefits.