Innovative Kitchen Tools that Will Make Cooking Easier

Cooking is more than the activity of preparing the meals, it can be brought to the level of art with the right appliances, tools and gadgets. A well-equipped kitchen becomes every cook’s dream and it offers endless possibilities of preparing delicious dishes in a shorter amount of time and with less effort. Here are some of the most innovative kitchen tools that will make cooking easier.

The nutcracker scissors Img

The nutcracker scissors

How many times have you hurt your fingers trying to crack some nuts for a delicious pie? Now, you can easily get the core out of the hard shell with this powerful scissors. After you crack the shell between the handles of the tools, you can cut it in as many pieces as you want and have the nuts ready for cooking.

The 9-pieces preparation set Img

The 9-pieces preparation set

Guessing amounts and sizes is a matter of the past thanks to this preparation set that includes 9 preparation tools that will help you measure the exact amounts and mix the ingredients in proper size bowls. The interesting design allows easy storage as every piece holds another one, from the largest to the smallest.

The rice washer Img

The rice washer

If you are a fan of rice and you use it in many recipes, you know how hard it is to wash and rinse the rise without spilling it in the sink. With this innovative kitchen tool called a rice washer, you can easily stir the rise while you rinse it with water, then you use the handle as a sieve on the edge of the bowl to let the water drain. You can also use it for peas, beans or even pasta.

The Ingresure Img

The Ingresure

It’s easy for professional chefs to intuit the right amount of spices needed, but the rest of us have troubles in guessing how much salt, pepper or basil a dish needs, so the Ingresure will come in handy. The advanced sensors in this gadget allow it to sense how much spices a food needs so that you won’t have to burn your tongue when you taste a hot soup. Simply insert one top of the Ingresure in the pot and the sensor will determine what the food needs in order to taste perfect.

The Pull’n’Slice mandolin grater Img

The Pull’n’Slice mandolin grater

Designed to be extremely safe and easy to use, this mandolin allows you to cut the fruits and vegetables by pulling and pushing the baseboard, so your fingers will be away from the sharp blade. You can cut in various sizes, thicknesses or shapes and thanks to the silicone head you won’t leave any of the fruits or vegetables behind.