Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Everyone appreciates a spicy and tasty food, seasoned with the most flavored herbs and the best option is to use fresh herbs right out of the pots, so having a herb garden in your kitchen can be a trick to make your food tastier. Here are some ideas of kitchen herb gardens that will not only assure you have your favorite herbs within reach but will also decorate your kitchen in a delicate way.


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  • This kitchen herb garden idea is not only a great way to have your favorite herbs within reach, but it is also a way to recycle the tin cans you get when you buy various foods. Pick the most beautiful tin cans you have at home, clean them to make them look shiny and plant in them herbs like oregano, basil, rosemary, parsley or thyme. Hang small tags with the name of the herb on every tin can so that you will always know what to chop to season the food. Place them on a rustic clay tray and enjoy the beautiful herb garden you created yourself.

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  • This fancy container does not only hold the herbs in small pots, but it also uses an innovative LED grow lights technology that provides the herbs with enough light to boost and maintain their growth. The suspended arm above the herb pots features small lights that deliver a spectrum of light capable of boosting the growth and the sleek and futuristic overall design perfectly matches elegant and stylish kitchens that wouldn’t match herbs in clay pots.

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  • For the bohemians of you who prefer delicate decorations, this idea of a kitchen herb garden is the perfect assembly for a shabby chic or classic kitchen. Instead of throwing away that extra tea set you received, turn it into a small herb garden and place a different herb in each tea cup. Just make sure that you carefully put a tiny hole in the bottom of the cup and keep the tea saucers clean.

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  • Herbs placed in small pots located on the window sill to make sure they get enough sunlight is the most common kitchen herb garden design, but you can still manage to make it look unique. Opt for stylish and elegant pots that look shiny and precious, place them on beautiful trays and write the herbs’ names on the pots and you will have a stylish garden.

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  • Instead of herb pots on the sills, you can create a hanging herb garden near the window using a metal bar across the kitchen window. Use hooks to attach the pots to the metal bar and align the herbs as you like, depending on your preferences. You can use multiple bars to create a leveled herb garden over the entire window.