Pros and Cons of Different Types of Microwaves

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Nowadays, when everyone is busy, time becomes more precious and having a microwave is a must. And we know why: we use it in order to prepare better and healthier food and to heat leftovers easily. In case you are wondering what are the pros and cons of different types of microwaves, here is some helpful advice.

Over-the-range or built-in microwave Img

Over-the-range or built-in microwave

In case you can’t make room for a countertop microwave, a built-in or over-the-range oven is the best option. This type of microwave won’t occupy that valuable countertop space; however, you need to hire a professional in order to have your oven installed properly. Because of its features plus the installation cost, a built-in or an over-the-range microwave will usually be more expensive.

Convection microwave

This type of microwave combines traditional microwave technology with heat energy in order to allow you to roast, brown, and grill the food. It comes equipped with a heating element and a fan, in order to facilitate the hot air circulation. These features make this type of oven a real energy saver and above all, a unit that produces even cooking temperatures in order to provide you with tasty food.

Combination microwave

Combination microwaves are smaller than other models but they do heat up the food way faster than traditional models. This sort of microwave is highly recommended for the people who don’t have enough time and are always in a rush. One of the pros of this type of microwave is that it gives you the possibility to switch between modes, in order to let you heat the food in a different way than you do in a conventional or a convection oven.

Countertop microwave

This type of microwave is very good for those who have a larger or a wider kitchen countertop. This type of microwave is less costly compared to other types and a disadvantage would be that it eats up much of the space in your counter because of its size. This is also very easy to operate. You just need to plug it in and you can start heating or cooking your food. Although they seem very simple, the best countertop microwave 2015 ovens come with a lot of interesting features. Their design may be simple, but they are packed with innovative technologies.

Commercial microwave

As the name says, these commercial microwaves are designed for commercial use, especially in restaurants, offices and other public places. They come outfitted with an anti-theft feature. One of their pros is that they are made to be powerful and for heavy use and one of their cons is that are quite expensive.