Top Rated 2015 Over the Range Microwave Ovens

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Nowadays, microwaves have become a must have appliance. A microwave is without any doubt a useful kitchen appliance. In case you are thinking to buy a microwave and you actually want to get one of the best ones that are on the market at the moment, have a look at the following top rated 2015 over the range microwave ovens.

Samsung SMH 1622

Top Rated 2015 Over the Range Microwave Ovens Img

Are you looking for a microwave that will quickly cook your meals? If so, then Samsung SMH 1622 is one of the best choices you could make. It is considered one of the best over the range microwave ovens, due to its clever features that allow you defrost your meat and cook delicious meals really fast. This is possible due to its high power. Its stylish design goes with any kitchen décor and you can choose between a black or white exterior. You will find extremely ease to use it due to its simple control panel. When using Samsung SMH, your food will keep the taste, texture and nutrients. This wonderful appliance will also heat your food and keep it warm for you until you are ready to eat. Amazing, isn’t it?

Electrolux E30MH65GSS

Electrolux E30MH65GSS Img

In case you are not looking for a reasonably priced over the range microwave oven, then you should consider getting Electrolux E30MH65GSS. It is a quite expensive kitchen appliance but it definitely worth the money. It comes with a one-touch cooking option for pizza slices, popcorn and baked potatoes. Probably the best thing about this microwave oven is that it serves a dual purpose. One of them would be the excellent cooking that this appliance offers, and the other one is the fact that it provides you a range exhaust fan that will easily remove the cooking odors.



We have chosen this kitchen appliance to be part of the top rated 2015 over the range microwave ovens, due to its clever features that will certainly offer you delicious meals in a short time. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about cooking odors anymore, because GE JVM1750DP comes with a two-speed fan that will remove food odors and smoke as well. It is a reasonably priced appliance that anyone can afford it. You will find easy using this over the range microwave oven due to its user-friendly controls. You will find on the internet many good reviews about this product, and you will see that it’s a highly recommended kitchen appliance by many people who have already bought it.